How it works!

Luckydog Gift Services have made the process of getting your four-legged friend a gift box really simple and easy to follow, its a 3 step process.

Choose a plan which suits you best
Tell us about your dog(s)
Make payment, sit back & relax and await your giftbox

Its as easy as that! What are you waiting for

We Donate to a Good Cause

The Lucky Lucy Foundation is a stepping stone of hope for neglected and abused pets in the Greater Cape Town. With your help we teach responsible pet ownership to destitute communities by promoting proper pet health, sterilization and feeding programs. We provide a comfortable and stimulating temporary home for all our rescues at our shelter, where the public can lavish love and affection on them and make it easy to adopt or foster in a stress free environment.

The Lucky Lucy Foundation is a Non-Profit, Pro-life, Pro-Quality of Life organization that tries to relieve the plight of severely neglected and abused township and street animals.


  • Roxy was so thrilled and excited when she saw that she had a package filled with goodies specially packed for her, even for her specific size and breed that she couldn’t sit still.
    Vicky Lawrence
    Pout Perfection
  • If you want to extend your festive gifting to the family dog, sign up for a Lucky Dog subscription. Each month your precious pooch will receive a gift box filled with delicious treats. From chews to squeaky toys, they’re all guaranteed to make your dog’s heart sing.
    Dog Delights
    Fair Lady Magazine December 2012
  • I am impressed at the consistent high quality of these boxes, which have been put together with obvious love and care
  • On arrival, the box was greeted by bouncing and happy tail wagging spins, that increased at a rapid rate as I lowered Milo’s box onto the floor. I subscribed to Lucky Dog 4 months ago, so it is not surprising that my 2 year old brakkie, Milo could recognize the difference between a Lucky dog box and an ordinary cardboard one – or perhaps it was the layers of delicious aromas wafting out between the flaps!
    Leonie Mervis
    Milo's human
  • I am really happy that not only does some of the subscription fee go back to an Animal Welfare, but that some of the products, like the WAGALOTS biscuits, are baked by an NPO that provides employment for people with disabilities. There really isn’t much else to say: This box is all about giving back!
    Alicia Nortje
  • Money wise, Lucky Dog Box is good value, as the combined cost of the treats and goodies are usually higher than the monthly subscription. If you regularly buy treats and toys for you dog it’s very likely that Lucky Dog box will be good value for you...
    Diane Colquhoun
    Duel Digital
  • "We got a Lucky Dog Box! We looked and looked and finally found a South African dog box subscription service. And I was not disappointed! A stuffy, rope toy, two rubber chew toys, a stuffed bone, greenies teeth cleaning sticks, and a poop bag holder with extra baggies. A lot more than I was expecting and all such good quality. Freddy has already claimed the rugby ball as his own!"
  • Thank you so much to Lucky Dog for sending Scamp this box of goodies and thank you so very much for including the little message to Scamp.  I was tickled pink when I saw it and I wished Scamp was able to read it.
    Charlene Smith
    Gee Whiskers
  • From tasty treats to novel toys and gadgets, Lucky Dog gift boxes feature an exciting variety of dog products and brands that have been given the ‘paw of approval’ by their canine connoisseurs.
    Fiona Rossiter
    Inspired Living