Nandi Freeze Dried Meat Sprinkles Bushveld Venison (57g)


Dog Treat

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Dog Treat

Nandi? offer pet treats made from uniquely African proteins. This includes novel proteins such as Ostrich, Venison and traditional proteins like Nguni Beef. Every Nandi? Freeze-Dried Meat Sprinkles is 100% organ meat – the parts of the animal that your pet naturally prefers to eat. Freeze-drying locks in freshness, nutrients and the natural flavours and aromas pets love. Nandi? Freeze-Dried Meat Sprinkles are a great way to add a boost of natural flavour and nutrition to your dog’s meal. Simply add a shake or two op top of their regular dry or wet food.


Colour: Multiple Colours
Material: Venison Organ Meat
Length (mm): 50
Width (mm): 50
Height (mm): 145
Weight (Kg): 0.057

*** This product is ordered on demand from ROGZ and is normally dispatched within 3 – 7 business days ***

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Dimensions50 × 50 × 145 mm


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