Rogz Catz TrendyCat 11mm Pin Buckle Cat Collar, Blue


Cat Collar

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Cat Collar

Rogz Catz TrendyCat Small 11mm Stylish and Soft Cat Collars are fully adjustable for a neck size from 20-31cm and are fitted with the new metal pin-buckle, which is a definite trend-setter amongst the feline population. With its color-coded and removable bell, super-soft base with a polyurethane overlay, your cat will feel feel right at home on a movie set or a red carpet. All TrendyCat collars are scratch-resistant and their rolled edges are stitched as well to ensure no open ends or sharp edges on the product. Suitable for most cat breeds and sizes.


Colour: Blue
Material: Nylon and Polyester
Length (mm): 310
Width (mm): 14.6
Height (mm): 8
Weight (Kg): 0.02

*** This product is ordered on demand from ROGZ and is normally dispatched within 3 – 7 business days ***

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Dimensions310 × 14.6 × 8 mm


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