Rogz Lapz 8mm Extra Small Luna Pin Buckle Dog Collar, Pink


Dog Collar

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Dog Collar

Rogz has ensured that our big dogs, our puppies and our cats and kittens all have Rogzalicious gear to strut the streets in but we realised we were leaving someone out: Introducing the new Lapz Range of collars, leads, harnesses and bowls to cater to our tiny members of the canine family. Rogz Lapz Range brings you the latest and greatest in trend-setting pet gear for our small dogs. No need now to hide away in mom’s handbag!


Colour: Pink
Material: Polyester
Length (mm): 230
Width (mm): 20
Height (mm): 7
Weight (Kg): 0.03

*** This product is ordered on demand from ROGZ and is normally dispatched within 3 – 7 business days ***

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Dimensions230 × 20 × 7 mm


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